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Delivery Policy

We only do deliveries for orders of 30 bags or more (Free Delivery) in the Pretoria region.

We do not deliver outside of the Pretoria Region. All delivery arrangements should be made with Kobus: 0824402183 /


Make sure to send us your exact address where you would like your delivery to be delivered. Please be patient in peak season as we usually have a waiting list and it may take up to 10 days for your delivery. Alternatively you are welcome to collect your order on the Pure Organics Farm.

Collection Policy

We encourage customers to collect their order if possible for order flow and also for the customers to have an opportunity to experience the farm and how we operate. Pure Organics Little Farm also offers a fully functional Organic Vegetable Garden where you can buy Heirloom Veggies.

Please arrange a day and time of collection with Kobus: 0824402183 / within our business hours:

Mon - Thu: 7am to 5pm

Fri - 7am to 1pm

Alternatively you can also collect your order on Saturdays at the Pretoria Boeremark upon arrangement.

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