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Family-Owned Business

Making & Spreading "the good shit" Since 2007

Pure Organics was born out of passion for farming and organic living. It started as a hobby and grew into a fully functional business as demand increased because of the amazing results from our Compost to the point where we are the main compost manufacturer for Woolworths South Africa's Fruit and Vegetable Supplier.



In 2007 we as a family spent a weekend on the farm. During that weekend we decided to put our house in Centurion up for rent and that we will start a life "close to nature". Never did we know what that will hold in store for us!!! For eight years we had no electrical connection and had to rely solely on solar power (not so easy!!). Now we can truly say that we have grown as a family unit and faith is the substance of our existence and business. We are highly favoured and deeply loved. In 2019 we entered in collaboration with a highly experienced organic and heirloom grower family, Pieter, Jakkie, Inge and Elaine Kemp. They grow they're sought after vegetables on the farm and using Pure Organics Compost as their growing and seedling mix. This makes us the only commercial organic compost plant that also farms commercially.

Our compost is made in the traditional way of adding layers of various organic materials and fermenting for a period of no less than 3 Months. The windrows are mechanically aerated twice weekly while adding water, enriched with Effective Micro Organisms EM•1®, this assists with the process of breaking down raw material to ensure that the compost are rich in micro organisms. The resulting Compost has a pleasant smell and is absolutely weed free. The EM is the living component in the compost and is registered under SGS OPS 08/09-12.

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